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Q: How far do you travel to cater an event?

A: We cater to the entire bay area.


Q: What type of food do you cook?

A: Eclectic, creative world cuisine.


Q: How do you prepare your food?

A: We hand select premium quality, mostly organic produce and products to create our magical cuisine.


Q: Where do you buy your food?

A: From unparalleled, licensed vendors to ensure superiority and freshness. 


Q: How big are your portion sizes?

A: If there is one entrée such as salmon the portion size is 8 ounces.  If there are two entrees such as beef and lobster the entrée sizes are 6 ounces per item.


Q: Do you prepare special meals for dietary needs?

A: Yes, in most instances we can prepare special meals.


Q: What happens to our leftover?

A: We will package them in plastic containers or dispose of them accordingly to your preference. 


Q: Do you offer wedding cakes?

A: Yes. We can provide wedding cakes baked by qualified master pastry chefs.


Q: Do you provide bar service?

A: Yes. We offer full, licensed bar service equipped with tubs, ice, trays, sodas, and all other amenities associated with a bar in addition to wine, beer, spirits, mixed drinks and professional bartenders.


Q: Can we provide our own beverage service?

A: Yes. You can provide your own non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, however, you need to supply your own liability insurance and liquor license covering the day of alcohol service.


Q: Can you provide rentals, tents, stages and lighting?

A: Yes. We work with the highest rated and largest rental company in California, and can provide specialty linen, astonishing plates, crystals, silver, tents, stages, lighting and everything else you may need to make your event successful. Our expert installation crews take tremendous pride in seeing that rentals are perfectly placed, and staffs are on-call 24 hours for those last minute needs or Mother Nature’s surprises.


Q: What type of uniform does your staff wear?

A: Black and white uniform with a tie, or tuxedo for formal events. For theme parties, staff can for special occasions dress accordingly to a particular theme, for example in Hawaiian shirts for an Aloah party.


Q: What is you guest to staff ratio?

A: For a sit-down dinner we recommend one server per 15-18 guests, for buffet style, one server per 20-22 guests and for cocktail parties one server per 25-30 guests.


Q: How much does it cost to have a party catered by you?

A: It depends on your food choices, rentals, beverages and staffing needs. We will discuss your budget at our initial conversation, then design a menu that suits your needs, budget and crowd.


Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: No. Our proposals spell out all the costs involved, and all charges will be discussed in detail prior to signing the contract.


Q: Do you charge a cake-cutting fee?

A: No. We do not charge a cake-cutting fee even if you choose to arrange your own cake.


Q: Is tax and gratuity included in the price?

A: No.  Applicable California sales tax and service charge will be added to the final bill. There is no service charge added for delivery only.


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: 50% down payment to hold the event date, due upon signing of the contract, and the balance in full 10 days before the event, or at the event date if it’s agreed upon beforehand with Aubergine World Cuisine. If there is a balance at the event it will be billed to you after the event.


Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes. We carry full liability insurance for both food and alcohol service.


Q: Do you offer event planning, entertainment and flowers?

A: Yes we can provide all of the above services.


Q: Do you have venues?

A: Yes. We are a preferred caterer at several venues such as wineries, yacht clubs and banquet halls in San Francisco, the Peninsula and Half Moon Bay.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Aubergine World Cuisine opened in 1993.


Q: Can you provide referrals?

A: Yes, we can provide referrals, testimonials and a client list of past successful events.






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